Dog Fights

Last night I dreamt of my dogs ripping each other apart. My dad has been in my dreams a lot lately and I’m not too sure why. In each dream he is a unlikeable character. It’s as if only his negative traits exist in this realm. When I was little we had 3 pit bulls, and our neighbors had 5. Long story short the dogs broke out of the fence and killed each other. It would happen often but none ever died until later on. Seeing them fight in my dreams is a nightmare. In the dream my dad seemed to be egging them on, I ran out of the house and told him to stop or I’d throw a brick at him. I wasn’t joking. And he stormed away, trying to scold me like I was a child again. I didn’t listen or care I told him I’d leave. I ended up in my old room… where it was covered in old Mementos. Some stuffed animals and old baby carriage figurines. Last thing I remember is talking to one of the stuffed animals. It was a sock monkey in a sparkling purple princess dress.

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